Abode Meaning in Bengali (Abode অর্থ)

[অ্যাবোড্’] /noun/ বাসস্থান ; আবাস ; গৃহ


a dwelling-place ; a house

Translations of abode

Part of speechTranslationReverse translations
আবাসabode, domicile
বাসস্থানlodging, abode, in residence
Nounগৃহhouse, home, abode, dwelling, room, chamber
আলয়abode, home, residence
ঘরhouse, room, home, temple, groove, abode
গেহabode, house, residence
আস্তানাdwelling place, abode, haunt
নিবাসhome, abode, dwelling place, inhabitancy
বাড়িhouse, home, abode, dwelling, whang, cudgel
নীড়nest, abode
কেতনcolors, engagement, quarters, abode, flag, banner
নিকেতনhome, dwelling house, abode
নিবসতিdwelling, living, residence, abode, dwelling house, home
নিলয়ventricle, receptacle, residence, abode, dwelling house, home
নিকায়collection, brotherhood, aim, goal, abode, god
থাকার জায়গাresidence, abode
অধিবাসdwelling place, home, abode
খানাditch, puddle, dinner, kennel, house, abode
ডাঙ্গাglade, land, upland, high and dry land, coast, abode
নিধানplacing, base, store, repertory, house, abode

Examples of abode

  • her current abode
  • a place of abode
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